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Why support Pram Jam?

Stillbirth and complications from babies being born prematurely are tragedies that are far too common. More awareness and funds are needed to reduce this heartbreaking reality.

You can help by becoming a Pram Jam sponsor and using your corporate profile to build this event. By partnering with us, you will help bring mums and bubs safely home; and have the opportunity to reach our energetic and dedicated audience.

Pram Jam, in its inaugural year exceeded all expectations, raising more than $114,000 and reaching an estimated cumulative audience of 6.1 million.

This was achieved through the creation of a positive, nurturing, empathetic, strong and participatory brand; and an extensive campaign. The campaign included a FoxFM partnership; ambassador engagement with Styling the Tribe; a successful media outreach program that earned 28 pieces of media coverage; and online influencer outreach which engaged 18 influencers and bloggers, achieving 48 pieces of social coverage.

Building on this success, our goal is to make the 2017 Pram Jam bigger and better to build awareness, registrations and donations. This is the perfect time to get involved and sponsor this growing campaign.

For leading corporate organisations and businesses that are active in the mums and bubs market this is a perfect opportunity to show support for a relevant issue close to the heart of many of your employees and/or customers. Targeted sponsorship as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility program will benefit both your corporate image as well as the health and wellbeing of your employees by challenging them to get moving this spring in support of an important cause.

Spreading the word is a key objective of the 2017 Pram Jam, alongside raising much-needed funds. By engaging supporters with like-minded stakeholders we will be able to drive Pram jam to the next level, and together make a difference to improving the health and wellbeing of mums and bubs, now and in the future, in Australia and around the world. We encourage all sponsors to promote their participation on through their social media and digital channels and will provide you with all the branded assets you need to do so.

Sponsorship Options

Pram Jam – Superhero

(Exclusivity within your industry)

Do you have what it takes to become a Pram Jam Superhero and help bring mums and bubs safely home? Take a risk and commit to match every dollar your employees raise or make a $10,000 sponsorship contribution.

Pram Jam – Corporate Champion

Become a Corporate Champion and get your people moving for a fantastic cause! Help us increase the number of participants and funds raised by pushing the campaign to your employees and encouraging them to get involved. You can even extend this to your customers.

Pram Jam – Retail Champion

Show your customers and clients just how fabulous you are and help us increase the number of participants and funds raised by championing the cause. You can even extend this to your employees.

In-kind supporter

In-kind support is also available alone or in conjunction with the above opportunities. This sponsorship can include gift vouchers or products that can be used to engage and reward our participants. Competitions and promotions for key merchandise drives brand awareness as well as Pram Jam event participation.

Corporate Sponsorship Pack

Please download our Corporate Sponsorship pack here. If you have any queries, or would like to proceed with any of the opportunities, please email or call 03 8416 7766!

Proudly supported by

At Joolz, we support all parents (to-be). 

[The globetrotters. The homebodies. The part-timers. The career tigers. The design fanatics.

The laisser-faire purists. We believe that good parenting is all about being happy.]

Sadly, complications from premature birth and stillbirth are tragedies that are far too common in Australia 

and not all parents get to have the same [happy] start to parenthood.

So, we’re partnering with Pram Jam to help raise much needed awareness and funds to 

advance research, education and clinical care to help reduce this heartbreaking reality.

Together we can work hard to make it a sunnier future for all parents (to-be).